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All those who are monthly Partners with our John Zavlaris Ministries will be entitled to a free Anointed bracelet.
Just EMAIL us your name, address and which color bracelet you desire and we will mail it to you, free of charge.
This is our way of thanking you for your support as we continue to care for the wounded souls, sent to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.
From Pastor John's Office

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By Pastor John Zavlaris

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Be encouraged!
with these Miracle Testimonies!

(God can use any medium to Bless you)

Hello Apostle John,
I live in Greenland and watch the videos you have. I thank God for that and believe they have a good affect on me. My life is getting brighter.
My challenge is my son, 11 years old, sometimes he won’t go to the school. I pray for him and decided to send for an Anointed bracelet for him. 
I have spoken with him about the Anointing and how there is no distance in prayer, and then placed the bracelet on his wall. I want to say thank you for it. I see a big change in him. My son sleeps well now and gets up early for school. He is much more happier now. 
Thank you and God bless you
Eraq Lund from Greenland

Great Testimony From Indonesia: APOSTLE JOHN sends anointed bracelets to the four corners of the earth

Dear Apostle John Zavlaris,
I am writing to give my testimony. I live in Indonesia and have been following your ministry on YouTube for years. I received my New Anointed Bracelet on 20 September 2018, and started wearing it immediately. For many nights before using this New Anointed Bracelet ... I had bad dreams, where a women came to me with sex ... and before it’s going too far.... I would wake up and then feel some heaviness on my body. But, the night after the bracelet arrived and I started wearing it, I had a dream where I was walking with my wife in calmness, she wasn’t offensive to spirit of anger, we just walked side by side in peace. ...and I woke up feeling fresh, healthy and very light in my body. Then I realized for a couple days before ..I used to wake up with a heavy feeling in my body. Now that is gone. I am so thankful for this new freedom. It is true that distance is not a barrier to receive. To honour this Anointing of God, I watch my mouth and am speaking positive words over my marital situation, no longer speaking anything offensive about my wife or my situation. I am also blessed to be able to Pray more – read and meditate on Words of God, and I am listening to worship songs. The Lord has put a new song in my heart and He has used this Anointed bracelet to bring me deliverance and peace. Glory be to God.
Love In Christ Jesus,
Jeremiah G. in Indonesia

When I put it on I felt the power of the Holy Spirit working...I went back to my hotel room...

Dear Apostle John,
I am a Pastor who came to your Prayer Line from Ohio because I wanted the Lord to grant me a greater Anointing in my life. During the Prayer Line, you gave me a bracelet and prayed over it. When I put it on I felt the power of the Holy Spirit working. I went back to my hotel room after the service and continued to be blessed in the presence of the Lord. I decided to stay one extra night at the hotel to be able to enjoy more of this precious time with the Lord. I am so thankful that I came to the Prayer Line.
Pastor Abraham M. Clinton

The bracelet you gave me on the Prayer Line is like a weapon against the enemy!

Dear Pastor John
The bracelet you gave me on the Prayer Line is like a weapon against the enemy. I noticed that since you prayed for me and gave me the bracelet, I no longer have had any bad dreams with this spirit that used to bring up faces of my past relationships. Anytime I saw that evil spirit in my past dreams, It would drive me away from anyone I was in a relationship with. I am free now and ready to move forward in the things the Lord has for meThank you, 
Pastor John D. Mathew.

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More Miracle Testimonies!

Since the first day I have worn my bracelet...

"Since the first day I have worn my bracelet, even though in itself there is no power ...there is an Anointing resting upon it...I remember when Pastor John held it between his hands while smiling and praying over the bracelet...I no longer suffer fear and worries as before and know all things work for the good of His glory. The enemy sent an evil spirit recently to attack me and try to make me give up, but by the grace of God...I. was able to take authority over such wickedness and cast it back to whence it came....It is not man's doing but by God power and might I have been set free...see you later this year Pastor, may God richly bless you and the ministry. Much love, Dove, FOREVER FREE!"

Wow-Another great Anointed Bracelet Testimony.

Hi pastor John Zavlaris 
I just want to tell you that I'm amazed by God 
I am nurse assistant and I work in a facility I work with patients with demencia and so many deseace 
So yesterday I prayed for one of them she totally Paralyzed she was touching my bracelet and I was covering her life with the precious blood of Jesus
She stared coughing and something was coming out of her system 
I called for help and we put her on oxygen 
I never saw her sleeping so good, I can't wait to see how is she today
Also remember I give you the bracelet at the end of the service for Antonio's brother
He's wearing it and he feels very energized 
He didn't said anything 
But Antonio told me he's not longer depressed
Utashni Gomez


Marcia & Antonio ‘s testimony
We are blessed in the name of Jesus. My fiancé and I feel a peace and in Harmony, the peace from the Lord, after we wore the blessed bracelet from John Zavlaris ministry. We are stronger in our Love and the love for Jesus is deep in our heart. 
We improved our relationship and we are happier than ever!!!
God can use anything to blesse you, this bracelet blessed our lives 
and God uses the pastor John Zavlaris in this wonderful ministry. 
We are blessed and happy. 
Thank you Jesus, 
Glory be to God
I encourage every one to support this powerful ministry and you should be blessed in Jesus name

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If you are a monthly Partners with our John Zavlaris Ministries will be entitled to a free Anointed bracelet. Just EMAIL us your name, address and which color bracelet you desire and we will mail it to you, free of Charge

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